Mike Huckabee said Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation is becoming an "overgrown and outrageous assault on the presidency" and it's time for it to come to an end.

The former Arkansas governor said the reason there is a Justice Department memo stating that a sitting president cannot be indicted is so a president's political opponents cannot use the justice system to distract the commander-in-chief from doing their job.

"If Mueller has something, then put it on the table, send it to Congress. If they think it's an impeachable offense, then let him be impeached." Huckabee said on "America's Newsroom." "But there hasn't been one shred of evidence."

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He said if there's going to be any investigation, it should be an "investigation of the investigators," who he argued have abused their power and used their abilities as federal agents as a political weapon.

"That is frightening. That is a constitutional crisis of great proportion," Huckabee said. "That's something we need to get to the bottom of."

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