Sean Hannity said that new reports that the Obama-era FBI placed a spy inside the Trump campaign are "worse than Watergate."

Hannity said it is unbelievable that President Obama's director of national intelligence Jim Clapper, said such spying was "a good thing."

"Has he ever heard of the Constitution?" Hannity asked, calling Clapper "pompous and arrogant."

He said Obama's CIA Director John Brennan was reportedly involved in untoward activities against the Trump campaign.

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He said that Brennan's 1976 vote for Communist Party presidential candidate Gus Hall should've rendered him unfit for office in the first place.

"This is Watergate on steroids," he said, referring to the infamous 1970s break-in.

Hannity played video of President Richard Nixon announcing his August 1974 resignation, and said that Obama officials being involved in the alleged spying was on par with the Watergate activity.

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