Tucker Carlson and Mark Steyn reacted to Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters tearing into Republican Mike Kelly on the House floor in regards to alleged discrimination by automobile dealers and lenders.

Waters, of California, had strongly opposed a vote from the GOP-controlled House to ease restrictions on auto lenders that had acted as a safeguard against discrimination.

When Kelly -- who owns auto dealerships in his Pennsylvania district -- took issue with her remarks, she responded that she was "more offended... than [he] will ever be.""It's your president that's dividing this country," Waters said.

Carlson dismissed her claims and said that if there were a "Who's Offended" Olympics, "Waters is always a gold medalist."

Carlson remarked that Waters has a newfound increase in popularity within the Democratic Party.

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Steyn said Waters is reportedly friends with Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.

He joked that he envisioned the two boarding a space shuttle together and encountering aliens outside Earth.

"If the space aliens encounter Maxine Waters and think she's a typical Earthling, they'll have no plans to come anywhere near this planet," Steyn said.

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