Tucker Carlson debated a Univision anchor who took issue with President Trump when he called illegal immigrants who are members of the MS-13 gang "animals."

Enrique Acevedo said he would never "defend criminals" nor the heinous actions of the violent Salvadoran gang.

But, he said that Trump was wrong to call any human an "animal."

"I don't think any human being is an animal," he said. "[We] expect the president to speak to our highest ideals."


Carlson pointed out recent MS-13 murders have included a man who was stabbed 100 times, decapitated and had his heart removed from his body.

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Other MS-13 members beat a young girl with a bat more than two dozen times, police said.

"When you hear those [MS-13 members] described as animals, you get offended. Why?" Carlson asked.

Acevedo said that Trump labeling any illegal immigrant an "animal" is "part of a larger trend," nothing that Trump called some Mexican nationals "rapists" in his inaugural campaign speech in 2015.

"You're rushing to the defense [of MS-13]," Carlson said incredulously. "You're unable to admit there are immigrants who shouldn't be here."

"Please convince the Democrats [running in 2018] to defend MS-13," Carlson remarked.

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