Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp is one of five Republicans vying for the gubernatorial primary nomination in the Peach State.

In one television ad, Kemp showcases a large pickup truck and tells the camera, "I've got a big truck. Just in case I need to round up criminal illegals and take them home myself."

Kemp previously triggered an uproar after another ad showed him pointing a shotgun at a young man who supposedly wanted to date his daughter.

Near the end of the ad, he cocks the shotgun as the boy says he has a "healthy appreciation" for the Second Amendment."

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Kemp told Martha MacCallum that the humor is "tongue in cheek" but that the issues discussed are real.

He said his campaign has a "great message" and that he has a history of fighting against liberal policies, going as far as suing the Obama administration during his career.

Kemp said he would welcome President Donald Trump on the campaign trail with him if he wins the gubernatorial primary.

But, he said that at the end of the day, he is running on his own platform while aligning with Trump's platform at times.

Kemp said he considers himself a "politically-incorrect conservative."

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