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A new New York Times report stated that the investigation into the Trump campaign's ties to Russia began in the summer of 2016 and was code-named Crossfire Hurricane.

Brian Kilmeade noted that the report "buried the lead," stating that "at least one government informant met several times" with Carter Page and George Papadopoulos. 

Kilmeade discussed the explosive report with former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy, who wrote in the National Review about Aug. 2017 testimony to the Senate by Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson, which became public in Jan. 2018.

Something tells me the co-founder of Fusion GPS was dead-on accurate when he testified that Christopher Steele told him the FBI had a “human source” — i.e., a spy — inside the Trump campaign as the 2016 presidential race headed into its stretch run.

When he realized how explosive this revelation was, Simpson walked it back: He had, perhaps, “mischaracterized” what he’d been told by Steele, the former British spy and principal author of the anti-Trump dossier he and Simpson compiled for the Clinton campaign.

McCarthy said "there is probably no doubt" that there was at least one confidential informant in the Trump campaign. He said the FBI "used their counterintelligence powers covertly to investigate the Trump campaign" and look for a crime. 

"They didn't have a criminal predicate to investigate the people in the Trump campaign [that] they did and they used their counterintelligence powers as a pretext to investigate the Trump campaign in the hope of making a criminal case," he said. 

McCarthy said the FBI could not have spoken publicly before the election about the Trump-Russia investigation, as they did with the Clinton email probe, since it was classified.

"If they had been speaking about it, they would have been committing a crime."

Watch the discussion above. 

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