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GOP's 'Amnesty Fanatics': Ingraham Says Nearly 20 Republicans Pushing Measure to Allow Immigration Vote

Tucker Carlson debated a Republican California congressman who is one of at least 18 in the GOP who are trying to force a vote on an amnesty package for illegal immigrants, along with much of the Democratic caucus.

Rep. Jeff Denham of Stanislaus County, is working with Rep. Carlos Curbelo of Florida to pass a "discharge petition" with the help of Democrats to get the package onto the House floor, as Fox News' Laura Ingraham noted.

In addition to the 16 other signers noted by Ingraham Tuesday, GOP Reps. John Katko of New York and David Trott of Michigan added their names to the petition Wednesday, according to The Hill.

Carlson said the Republicans at-large ran in 2016 on a promise to secure the southern border and end illegal immigration.

He said people like Denham appear to want to "betray that pledge" with the "discharge petition."

Denham told Carlson that he wants to follow President Donald Trump's lead and secure the border and render the DACA issue moot.

"Giving amnesty to people encourages more people to come here illegally," Carlson countered, pointing to the aftermath of the Reagan-era amnesty law from 1986.

Denham said he supports measures like E-Verify to prevent illegal immigrants from taking American jobs, but said Trump's predecessor started a process that put the DACA issue at the forefront.

"We had a president who passed an executive order which I disagreed with," Denham said of President Barack Obama's DACA order. 

He said the people affected by the DACA order "know no other country... no other home."

"It's not their country, they're not citizens," Carlson interjected. "In your state you have 100,000 people living on the sidewalk -- these are American citizens... before you start passing out citizenship to people here illegally."

Denham said Trump asked for a solution to DACA and that the legislation in the discharge petition is his answer to that demand.

He said his plan would be a "ten to 12 year process" for illegal immigrants to gain citizenship through employment and green card status.

"These are not American citizens," Carlson said.

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