Would you rather date a convicted felon or someone who supports President Trump?

That's what Daily Caller reporters Amber Athey and Justin Caruso asked people on the streets of Washington, D.C.

Stunningly, a majority of respondents said they would rather date a convicted felon, without even knowing what crime this hypothetical individual committed.

When asked why they wouldn’t date a Trump supporter, people said they "just couldn’t" and would "never" do it.

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On "Fox & Friends First," political commentator Lawrence Jones said he's embarrassed as a millennial himself.

He noted the confidence with which many of the people said they would choose a felon over a Trump supporter.

"Our next generation is just screwed up," Jones said. "If these are gonna be the people that are running our nation and they would prefer to date a felon, we're screwed."

See more reaction from Jones above and check out the Daily Caller video below.

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