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Senate Armed Services Committee Member Lindsey Graham warned North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un against canceling a planned summit between the young despot and President Donald Trump.

"If you're not serious about doing a deal with the president -- if you're not serious about giving up nukes for a better life, don't meet with the president," Graham said of Kim.

"If you try to play him, we're going to have a war and you're going to lose it," Graham said.

Martha MacCallum said Kim may have changed his tune on the meeting after National Security Adviser John Bolton reportedly made a reference to Libya while discussing North Korea.

Seven years ago, Libyan authoritarian Muammar Qaddafi was the subject of an insurgency, and was beaten and dragged through the streets by his opposition before being assassinated.

Graham said Kim should understand that a meeting with Trump is the only way to guarantee his regime's security and a better economy in Pyongyang.

"Keep threatening America... get in a war with Donald Trump and lose it," he said.

"He's not Obama," Graham said of Trump.

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