Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) implored voters who are "scared" of President Trump's administration and the Republican-controlled Congress to turn out to the polls in November.

Warren addressed liberal activists at the Center for American Progress' Ideas Conference on Tuesday.

She called the midterm elections a "massive uphill climb" for Democrats.

"We can't climb that hill by ignoring the millions of Americans who are angry and scared about the damage this president and this Republican party have done to our democracy," she said.

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Hoping to unseat Warren is Beth Lindstrom (R), who said last week on Fox News that she is a "big contrast" to Warren's left-wing politics.

Warren said during her address Tuesday that Trump and Republicans have launched a "systematic campaign" to suppress minority voting, welcome foreign interference and undermine the census.

"We can't ignore it and we shouldn't want to ignore it," she said.

Warren has also said that she is not running for president in 2020, despite persistent rumors that she'll seek the nomination.

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