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Retired Navy SEAL Rob O'Neill, the man credited with killing Usama Bin Laden, said the Washington Post is painting an Iraqi cleric as a "maverick" because his policies are counter to those of the Trump White House.

Moqtada al-Sadr, a Shiite activist cleric, was known by the military during the Bush administration as "enemy number one" because he and his coalition killed hundreds of American and allied soldiers.

Al-Sadr led the Mahdi army in the early years of the war on terror, using IEDs and machine guns to kill Western forces, O'Neill said.

Martha MacCallum played tape of al-Sadr preaching in Iraq a decade ago, saying "Iraq has gone through difficult times" and noting the "common enemies" of America, Israel and Great Britain.

O'Neill said the Washington Post recently labeled al-Sadr a political "maverick" as his coalition seeks to unseat incumbent Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.

Al-Abadi has thus far allowed American military into Iraq to stage and fight ISIS and other terror groups.

O'Neill said al-Sadr cleverly renamed his "Mahdi Army" the "Peace Brigade" and said the name can be easily used as a propaganda tool to hurt people like Trump who oppose it.

"The Peace Brigade -- it must be 'peaceful'," he remarked.

MacCallum added that Trump's top military officials, Defense Secretary James Mattis and Joint Chiefs Chairman Marine Corps Gen. Joe Dunford Jr. both seek to continue to work with the Iraqi government in a constructive way.

O'Neill warned that such a situation could be tenuous if America's former "enemy number one" is able to choose the next prime minister.


MacCallum said Americans see "maverick" as a term linked to war hero and Arizona senator John McCain during his 2008 Republican presidential bid, as someone who is unpredictable but in a positive way -- not like al-Sadr. 

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