A Wisconsin high school student's President Trump-inspired "promposal" triggered a debate in his community and on social media.

The unnamed student at Eisenhower High School in New Berlin, Wisconsin asked a classmate to prom with a sign that read: "Will you make my night Trump all others and let me deport you to prom?"

A photo of the sign was posted online, but it was taken down after receiving dozens of comments, many of them critical. Some students quickly came to their classmate's defense.

“Obviously, it’s kind of a current issue, but not something we thought people would be taken aback by,” Noah Birenbaum, a student who is a friend of the sign’s creator, told WTMJ-TV. “It kind of makes me feel sad because I know the kid personally and I know he didn’t mean any ill will toward people taking offense to it.”

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Another student, Mirzook Mohis, suggested the word "deport" is what offended many people, given the ongoing debate over illegal immigration.

"It was a sensitive topic and overall people had very polarizing opinions on it," Mohis said.

New Berlin School District Superintendent Joe Garza issued a statement, emphasizing that the issue occurred off school grounds.

“Promposals” most often happen outside of the school day and off school grounds, as was the case with this one. That said, if any of our students or their families were offended by this photo, or in any other circumstance, we are always happy to have conversations with them and work to find ways to support them.

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