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The New York Daily News slammed Ivanka Trump after her appearance at the U.S. Embassy dedication ceremony in Jerusalem on Monday.

The first daughter and her husband, senior White House adviser Jared Kushner, smiled and posed for photos in front of a plaque commemorating the occasion while dozens of Palestinian protesters were killed by Israeli defense forces just miles away.

But the cover of Tuesday's Daily News dubbed Ivanka "Daddy's Little Ghoul" and juxtaposed her happiness against the deaths of Palestinians. 

President Trump's decision to move the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem triggered outrage and protests because Palestinians consider Jerusalem their capital as well.

More than 50 protesters were killed and hundreds were wounded as they rallied against the embassy move, with some storming the Israeli border. 

On "Fox & Friends," Ainsley Earhardt said Ivanka was smiling and celebrating the embassy move and what it meant for the Jewish people, obviously not the violence that was happening.

"When you're in front of 800 people and there's something historic like moving an embassy, there's nothing to do but smile," Brian Kilmeade said. "If she was standing in front of the Gaza border smiling, that would have been an issue. But most people at home figured that out."

Watch more reaction from the "Fox & Friends" co-hosts above.

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