Former San Francisco Mayor Calls for End of Dems' Trump-Bashing: 'Might Need 12-Step Program'

Republican National Committee spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany said that Democrats' calls for President Trump's impeachment won't be an effective strategy heading into the midterm elections.

McEnany said that Americans "recognize success," noting a Gallup poll that showed the president's approval percentage by Americans was at its highest point since March of 2017.

She also called Democrats' "cries" for impeachment "baseless."

"[Democrats are] screaming about Russia collusion where there is none [and] distracting the American people and the president from his agenda."

Fox News contributor Jessica Tarlov said that Democrats need to focus on "bread and butter issues" ahead of November, like the economy and health care.

Doug Schoen wrote in an op-ed for The Hill that although impeachment might "energize" Democrats, it won't garner the support of more left-leaning Independents come November.

"Certainly there's some middle ground to be found especially when your constituency voted for the president overwhelmingly," Tarlov added.

McEnany said that Democrats have an "agenda of negativity" and are hijacking President Trump's success.

"Not a bright future for the left," she said.

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