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UPDATE: Morganelli lost his six-way Tuesday primary, finishing second to Susan Wild, a former city solicitor in Allentown, Pa.

Tucker Carlson interviewed a Democratic congressional primary candidate in Pennsylvania who said he claims the mantle of John F. Kennedy and has been attacked for opposing illegal immigration and sanctuary cities.

Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli, who is running for the newly drawn and incumbent-free 7th district in the Lehigh Valley, said he hopes to be seen as a member of the "traditional Democratic Party" if he won his Tuesday primary.

Morganelli, one of a handful of candidates including Greg Edwards -- a Bernie Sanders-endorsed Allentown preacher, Lafayette College Professor Roger Ruggles and former Allentown City Solicitor Susan Wild, said he is more moderate than his opponents.

Carlson said Morganelli made waves within the current Democratic Party due to his opposition to abortion and immigration stance.

"You're not in favor of giving driver's licenses to illegal immigrants [and are therefore] described as a 'hardliner'," Tucker said.

"I don't think it's fair," Morganelli said. "I'm the grandson of Italian immigrants."

Morganelli said his opposition to illegal immigration stems from decades of holding office as the top prosecutor in his county, on the New Jersey border.

He said he's prosecuted MS-13 gang members, while at the same time been part of naturalization services at his courthouse in Easton, where legal immigrants pledge allegiance to the country and become citizens.

"What I'm opposed to is people breaking into our country," he said, adding that the Lehigh Valley "doesn't want foreign criminals setting up shop."

Morganelli said he aligns with the Democratic Party on most other issues, in the mold of "the JFK model, and the Bill Clinton model -- who ran as a centrist."

"I come out of the traditional Democratic Party," he said, noting his support "for working men and women [and] blue-collar issues."

Carlson noted that the polls closed before the interview but the results of Morganelli's race were not yet known at the time.

The district's seat will lie vacant until Inauguration Day 2019, as incumbent Rep. Charles Dent (R-Pa.) resigned from Congress earlier in May.

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