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The panel on The Five reacted to apparent internal disagreements within the Democratic Party, as House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi warned her caucus against continued talk of impeaching President Donald Trump.

Though Pelosi, of California, said she disagrees with Trump on many issues, she warned impeachment advocate Rep. Al Green of Texas that she doesn't think "you can be impeached for being a jerk, but if we did, this guy would be long gone."

Green said Trump "made... statements that are hateful and harmful to this country" and said he will vote to move forward on articles of impeachment.

"That's not unifying," Pelosi warned in a statement, according to The Five.

Jesse Watters agreed with Pelosi -- a point that was jokingly noted by his co-hosts -- and said that "being a jerk is not a high crime or a misdemeanor."

Green had also said that the impeachment process appears to be "tailor-made for Donald Trump."

Greg Gutfeld joked that Green and his fellow pro-impeachment lawmakers like Maxine Waters of California should be aware that they won't gain anything politically by removing Trump from office.

Gutfeld said the next in line for the presidency, Vice President Mike Pence, is so conservative he "makes Trump look like Bernie Sanders."

He added that without the constraints of the office Trump would become a political "godzilla" with millions of fans and followers.

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