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Former San Francisco Mayor Calls for End of Dems' Trump-Bashing: 'Might Need 12-Step Program'

A former San Francisco supervisor who is running for mayor this year said she authored the city's original sanctuary city law and thinks including felons is "unacceptable."

Angela Alioto said she wrote San Francisco's sanctuary city law in 1991 with the intent to keep families of illegal immigrants from being separated once they settled in her city.

Alioto said the law was amended in 2016 to add felons to the classes of protected illegal immigrants.

Tucker Carlson said city law blocks police from reporting "habitual criminals or suspected felons" from federal authorities.

"I have absolutely no idea," Alioto, a self-professed liberal Democrat said when asked by Carlson about the change.

"I find it totally unacceptable," she said, adding that she is sponsoring a ballot initiative for voters in November that would roll back protections for convicts of "serious felonies."

Alioto ripped her critics, saying that as a longtime civil rights attorney, she has consistently won cases protecting the less privileged.

She said she has been called a "Nazi," "Trumpian, fascist [and] racist" for only wanting to undo the measure protecting felons.

"The entire intent of my sanctuary law went out the window," she said.

Carlson remarked that despite being more conservative than Alioto, he applauded her for wanting to make what he called a common sense move.

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