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Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown wrote an op-ed calling for his fellow Democrats to "stop bashing President Trump."

Brown, a longtime fixture in California politics, said his party may risk having problems in the midterms if they don't let up on the anti-Trump rhetoric.

"It's not going to be easy," Brown wrote in the San Francisco Chronicle on the prospect of Democrats halting their repeated attacks on the president.

"It might even mean checking into a 12-step program," he said.

Brown, 84, noted that his party is right to take issue with Trump's "policies and personality" but that Democrats must understand that a "significant" amount of Americans are pleased with the New Yorker's tenure.

"They are making money. They feel safe and they agree with the president's protectionist trade policies... even his immigration stance," said Brown, who served as a state assemblyman for three decades prior to his 1996-2004 tenure as mayor.

The former mayor said that for Democrats to win in November they must adjust their priorities when it comes to Trump, comparing the ability to set a "winning agenda" to that of "maneuvering an aircraft carrier."

"It takes time to change course," Brown wrote. "If [Democrats] want to be on target [in] November... the[y] need to start changing course now."

Brown also commented on California's crowded race for governor, predicting his mayoral protege Gavin Newsom will win the state's June "jungle primary" ahead of former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa (D) and Republicans Travis Allen and John Cox.

On Friday, a California Republican House candidate said she believes a "red wave" is coming in the state because people are "pissed off" about the current leadership by far-left politicians.

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