MSNBC Analyst: Military Veterans Who Support Trump Are 'Not Honorable'

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof warned his fellow journalists of the dangers of focusing all their attention on President Trump.

"We have to acknowledge that there is so much more happening in the world than Donald Trump. And we in the media are essentially all Trump, all the time," Kristof said on CNN's "Reliable Sources" on Sunday. 

"And the upshot is that we risk not covering a lot of really important things at home and around the world, and we complain that President Trump is."

He added that many in the media complain that Trump isn't paying attention to important things around the world, while the same criticism could be said of them.

On "Outnumbered" on Monday, Kennedy said it's amazing to see a journalist acknowledge the media's obsession with Trump.

"Any news organization who says they're not obsessed with the president is absolutely lying," she said.

Trish Regan argued that the focus on Trump is a good thing, because it makes Americans more aware of the critical issues he's talking about, such as tariffs.

"All of these things that are so vital and important to our economic health that sometimes people will glaze over with, are now talk ... at the dinner table. And that's a healthy thing," Regan said.

Lisa Boothe said the problem is that many in the media miss important stories about the economy, foreign policy and Trump's successes because they're so focused on the Russia investigation and Stormy Daniels.

"I think the media is doing themselves a great disservice because they go way overboard in the negative coverage of President Trump. I actually think that's pushing voters more towards him," Boothe said, pointing to an uptick in Trump's approval rating and a narrowing of the Democrats' lead over Republicans in the generic ballot for this November's midterm elections.

Watch the "Outnumbered" discussion above and the full CNN clip below.

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