Maxine Waters to PA Rep: 'I Resent the Remark About Making America Great Again'

Rep. Mike Kelly (R-Pa.) appeared on "Fox & Friends" on Monday to react to his fiery clash with Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), accusing her of trying to divide Americans.

The two lawmakers battled on the House floor last week while debating if the automotive industry discriminates against women and people of color.

"Stop talking about discrimination and start talking more about the nation," Kelly said. "We're coming together as a people in spite of what you say," Kelly said.

Waters responded that she was "more offended as an African-American woman than you will ever be" at what he had said.

“And this business about making America great again: It is your president that’s dividing this country," Waters said.

Kelly told Brian Kilmeade Waters' rhetoric is all about dividing the American people, not uniting them.

He said he was appalled to see Waters attempt to frame the debate as white versus non-white or man versus woman.

"If people think it's OK to sit back and not say anything when you know it's not true, when you know it's an outright lie, when you know it's an outright attempt to divide us and say nothing, that is not being a stand-up American," Kelly said. "You have got to stand up for all Americans."

He said that for Waters' entire political career, everything has always come back to discrimination.

"If we can't get away from this divisive type of talk, we cannot come together as a nation. That's horrible. It's totally unacceptable."

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