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Greg Gutfeld criticized former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg for telling a college commencement crowd that the "greatest threat to American democracy" is political dishonesty.

"The greatest threat to American democracy isn't Communism or jihadism... It is our own willingness to tolerate dishonesty in service of party and in pursuit of power."

Gutfeld said Bloomberg's words were likely directed at his fellow Big Apple billionaire, President Donald Trump.

Bloomberg was elected in the aftermath of 9/11 as a Republican to replace term-limited Rudolph Giuliani (R). He later became an Independent.

Gutfeld wondered aloud whether then-Mayor Bloomberg was more concerned with political dishonesty versus terrorism after two jets took down the Twin Towers in his city.

"Bloomie thinks words from Trump are deadlier than deeds from terrorists," Gutfeld said. "What do you think his number one [post-9/11] concern was: fibs or terror?"

Gutfeld said Bloomberg was only able to legislate partisan issues, like the city's smoking ban and a campaign against so-called "big gulp" soft drinks that ultimately failed, because his administration was able to keep the city safe after the 2001 attacks.

"He had to keep the city safe so he had the luxury of griping," Gutfeld said.

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