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In her Angle commentary, Laura Ingraham said the mainstream media are "grasping at straws" to attack President Donald Trump in light of numerous policy successes -- most recently in Israel.

Ingraham said the media have been sheepish to credit Trump with recognizing Jerusalem as the true capital of Israel and have tried to cast a bad light on his planned summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

"They're grasping at any straw to assail him," she said. "[They] consistently ignore the president's achievements."

Ingraham said many in the media concentrated on a leaked remark by a White House aide that criticized Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), saying he was "dying, anyway" from cancer.

MSNBC anchor Joe Scarborough, a former Florida congressman, said that he is aghast that the White House "interjecte[d] that they stand with the person mocking John McCain for having brain cancer."

Ingraham also played video of CNN anchor Chris Cuomo saying Trump apparently "doesn't believe in apologies."

"It's easy to assume that the president of the United States is OK with this being said," Cuomo, brother of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D), said.

Ingraham said there have been many more leaks from the Trump White House than the Obama administration.

"Can you imagine what Team Obama said about Trump and his team?" she asked.

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