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A fast-acting Florida sheriff's deputy is being hailed as a hero after rushing an unresponsive infant to the hospital.

Dashcam video released by the Marion County Sheriff's Office shows K9 Deputy Jeremie Nix being flagged down by two women in a white car as he was driving home from work on Wednesday, March 9.

Nix was told by Nechole Crowell that her four-month-old son Kingston was "completely unresponsive."

After attempting several life-saving measures on the child and not seeing any improvement, Nix puts Kingston in his patrol car and rushes him to the Ocala Regional Medical Center.

The Marion County Sheriff's Office wrote on Facebook that doctors treated Kingston and said he will make a full recovery. He was discharged from the hospital on Thursday.

"Doctors also said that because of K9 Deputy Nix's actions, Baby Kingston is alive today. We are tremendously proud of Deputy Nix and we can already see that he and Baby Kingston will have a deep connection that will last a lifetime!" the sheriff's office wrote.

On "Fox & Friends," Crowell revealed that she was planning her father's funeral when she received a call from her sister, who was watching Kingston.

She told Crowell that Kingston "didn't look good," and she put the boy on Facetime. Crowell immediately knew something was seriously wrong.

She and her other sister hopped in a car and drove as fast as they could to get to Kingston. She got the boy and tried to get to the hospital, but ran into heavy traffic.

When she saw Nix's patrol car at an intersection, she flagged him down and told him, "My baby's not breathing."

That's when Nix leaped into action.

"I'm so grateful," Crowell said. "I just wanted him to know how much I appreciated him for thinking fast and realizing that my baby was in a rough situation and needed immediate help. And he just took over and pretty much saved my son's life."

Nix said there can be so many negative stories about police officers, so he was proud to be part of a story that shows how many good officers are out there.

"God put me in the right place at the right time for the right reason. And obviously the proof of that is sitting in momma's lap today," Nix said. "I was just glad I was able to be there and be there for Nechole and Kingston."

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