NYT Columnist: Journalists Miss Important Stories Because They're 'All Trump, All the Time'

The former Israeli ambassador to the United Nations said that those who believe the president's withdrawal from the Iran deal was wrong "don't know what they're talking about."

Dore Gold said the agreement was "extremely dangerous" for Israel and wasn't able to prevent a potential nuclear arsenal from being built by Iran.

He said that although the decision was quickly met with backlash from some European countries like France and Germany, they will eventually support the United States.

"This deal [was] a threat to them. They're the first ones who should have problems with it, and they have to be reminded of that," Gold said.

Gold said that the "Iranian approach" is to encircle its adversaries, and labeled Iran as the cause of all the instability in the Middle East.

"They're using the Palestinians to create a diversion, but [Israel] has to protect our border. Everybody has to protect its border from a mass invasion," he said.

Gold added that Trump's efforts with North Korea and his exit from the "bad" Iran deal will make the world "a safer place."

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