Diamond & Silk Call Out Zuckerberg: Facebook Becoming Dems' 'Political Playground'

Conservative social media stars Diamond and Silk blasted the Democratic Party Sunday after the release of an anti-GOP political ad.

The NextGen America ad shows a mother lamenting the views of her son, who is in college, and shows the young man holding up a "Baby Killer" sign while wearing a Trump campaign T-shirt.

It then depicts the son's "college friends" as white supremacists carrying torches, referencing the violent rallies in Charlottesville, Va.

It concludes by saying, "This Mother’s Day, talk to your child about the GOP."

"They are the party that's now dividing our country," Diamond said on "Fox & Friends."

"This is the party that's spewing hatred in our country, and this is the party we don't need running anything around [here]."

NextGen's founder, billionaire liberal activist Tom Steyer, has been known for his opposition to President Trump.

The sisters also criticized Hillary Clinton's recent comments in Australia, where she said that a large amount of the population is "uneasy" with women in leadership positions.

"The easiest way to kind of avoid to have to look at someone on her merits is to dismiss her on her looks," Clinton also said.

"She doesn't get to play musical chairs with the presidency. We've already had a Clinton in office. It's time for her to go," Diamond said.

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