Charlie Kirk on Trump's CA Visit: 'It's Like He's Going to Another Country'

Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk on Saturday said that young voters' support for Democrats will hurt the millennial generation.

"The Democrats want to raise taxes, they want to limit freedom ... It's actually our generation that's going to be hurt the most by Democrat policies and politicians," Kirk said.

"A young person voting for a Democrat is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders," he added.

A Weekly Standard op-ed highlighted the growing gap between young and old conservatives and why more millennials are leaning toward liberal views.

"Time is running out for conservative leaders to effectively make their case for why their ideas should matter to a new generation in a new era," Kristen Soltis Anderson wrote.

A Pew Research study also found that 41 percent of millennials in 2004 considered themselves to be either mostly or consistently liberal in their views.

By 2017, that number ballooned to 57 percent.

Pew stated that it defined millennials as "adults born between 1981 and 1996."

"Young people actually believe in freedom," Kirk said. "They believe in free markets, they believe in smaller government when properly argued to them."

He said that the left has stigmatized the term "conservative."

Allie Beth Stuckey, a conservative millennial blogger, added that conservatives should focus on ideals like freedom and liberty.

"Millennials care more about the why than the what," she said. "We need to talk about why those conservative policies are better, not just for the 'rich white male' but for everyone."

Stuckey also said that ideals like individualism and freedom "don't see skin color or sexual orientation."

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