'It's Sick': Lahren Rips Unfair Media Coverage of Melania Trump, Sarah Sanders

The first lady's first name is among the most increasingly popular names for baby girls in the United States.

'Melania' is ranked fifth on the list by the Social Security Administration of the names whose popularity rose from 2016 to 2017.

A recent CNN poll found that Mrs. Trump's favorability rating is up 10 points since January, while many polls have showed the mainstream media's approval rating at historically low levels.

Mrs. Trump last week unveiled her new "Be Best" campaign that will focus on addressing the well-being of children, social media use and opioid abuse.

Her announcement was met with backlash that said her stressing positivity online contradicted her husband's social media habits.

For the fourth consecutive year, Emma was the top name for baby girls on the Social Security Administration's list.

Liam topped the list of the most popular names for boys in 2017.

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