Ingraham Blasts George Will for Multiple Jabs at 'Worst Person in Gov't' Mike Pence

The Georgia gubernatorial candidate whose latest political ad said he'd “round up criminal illegals” -- in his truck if needed -- touted the ad's effectiveness Saturday.

"People are really resonating to it. It's driving the left crazy," said Republican Brian Kemp, who is also Georgia's current secretary of state.

He added on "Fox & Friends" that he understands a private citizen should not take it upon his or herself to "round up" illegal immigrants.

"We're trying to draw attention to a really detailed policy message we have with tracking and deporting criminal illegals, which I'm sure everyone supports," he said.

The advertisement isn't the first from Kemp's campaign to make waves.

Another ad shows him pointing a shotgun at a man who supposedly wants to date his daughter but first has to recite Kemp's campaign platform.

"The good, hardworking people of Georgia just love [the ads]," he added.

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