'Backward Version of Reality': Tucker Highlights Why Middle Class Is Fleeing California

A California Republican candidate said she believes a "red wave" is coming in the state because people are "pissed off" about the current leadership by far-left politicians. 

Morgan Murtaugh, who is running in the 53rd congressional district near San Diego, said there is growing opposition to the state's sanctuary law toward illegal immigrants and high taxes.

She agreed with President Trump's contention at a rally in Indiana that Democrats will have a tough time in November selling Americans on higher taxes and opposition to the Trump agenda. 

"Everyone keeps saying there's a blue wave coming, but in California people are really pissed off. Sorry for saying that, but they are. ... People are upset with the state of affairs. I really feel a red wave coming out here in California," she said. 

Murtaugh, who is the youngest person running for Congress this year, said citizens are realizing that liberal policies are to blame. She said her grandparents came to the U.S. legally from Mexico in the 1968, so she understand the need to have "good, hardworking immigrants" come to the U.S. the right way. 

But she said securing the border is a "national security issue," explaining that she has toured the border with Border Patrol officers. The district has been represented since 2003 by Democrat Susan Davis. 

Watch the interview above.

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