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Laura Ingraham blasted former Ronald Reagan confidant George Will for a blistering attack on Vice President Mike Pence that the columnist made in The Washington Post.

Ingraham said the otherwise conservative writer took a "high dive off the deep-end" when he said Pence trumps Trump as the "worst person in government."

Will, 77, said Pence, 58, has a "talent for toadyism and an appetite for obsequiousness" in what he said was Pence's political servility to Trump.

Ingraham said Will ripped Pence for praising Trump "once every 12 seconds for three minutes" during a White House meeting.

She said Will floated a conspiracy theory that Trump chose Pence as his running mate because the former Indiana governor would take some political "heat" off the presidential candidate.

Ingraham said Will also criticized Pence for his faith, saying the vice president is a "pin-up" for the Evangelical community and once praised former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio during an event in Tempe, Ariz.

Ingraham said Will's column caused a "gleeful" response in the rest of the media, where various Trump critics echoed his sentiment.

Former McCain presidential campaign aide Steve Schmidt agreed with Will and called Pence a "titanic fraud."

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