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Tucker Carlson said Wall Street Journal reporter Kimberley Strassel published a story raising the possibility that a federal government "mole" was planted in the Trump presidential campaign in 2016.

Carlson said the move would constitute "gross misconduct" and was "so shocking."

Former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino said that for the "sake of the Constitutional Republic, you pray this story isn't true."

He said the very idea of such a possibility means that Americans' "God-given rights [can be] shredded."

"A human intelligence asset may have been inserted in your political rival's campaign. How this isn't front-page news on every newspaper across the globe is stunning," he said.

Bongino, also a former congressional candidate in the Maryland panhandle's district, said the possibility that the FBI during then-Director James Comey's tenure could do such a thing is "like the sickest spy novel I ever read -- except it happened."

He said the incident is so egregious that if it was floated for a novel storyline, a publishing agent would "laugh at you" for pitching it.

He said he has some suspicions as to who the possible "mole" might be, but did not disclose names.

Bongino said there was an individual privy to Donald Trump Jr.'s New York City meeting with a Russian national who is now being represented by former President Obama's White House lawyer, who worked with Mueller probe attorney Andrew Weissman.

Sean Hannity has criticized Weissmann for being allegedly partisan in favor of Democrats, and cited a later-overturned prosecution Weissman oversaw against Arthur Andersen Accounting during the Enron scandal.

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