Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer said the mainstream media is so opposed to President Donald Trump that they would rather see him fail than America succeed.

He said the capture of five senior ISIS leaders was a major win in the battle against the terror group, but it was largely ignored in the media.

Pete Hegseth pointed out that NBC News and ABC News did not cover the story Thursday in their nightly network newscast. CBS Evening News did report on the captures.

"It's not journalism anymore," Meyer said on "Fox & Friends" on Friday. "Opinions are facts to them."

He said Trump was not given appropriate credit by the press for facilitating the release of three Americans held captive in North Korea.

"He's accomplishing so much and you never hear the wins. All you hear is the negatives," Meyer said.

He added that while the media is critical of Trump, he sees that Trump is following through on his campaign promises, achieving foreign policy victories and supporting the men and women of the U.S. military.

Watch the interview above and more on the captures below: