'Hypocrisy Is Heart of Modern Liberalism': Tucker Blasts Dems, #MeToo Hero Eric Schneiderman

Tucker Carlson called out California's "backward version of reality" after a new mandate for all new homes to have solar panels. 

In a unanimous 5-0 vote Wednesday, the California Energy Commission approved the policy, despite critics who argued it will increase the already-high cost of housing in the state. 

The regulation will require all homes and apartments built after 2020 to have solar panels, adding an average of roughly $10,000 to construction costs for a single-family home. On the flip side, the commission says, the panels could yield much more in energy savings, Fox News reported

Carlson said the median home price in California is $500,000 and in San Francisco it is $1.3 million, while about 130,000 people are homeless

He said since the state is in a "backward version of reality," lawmakers have now moved to make homes more expensive instead of trying to bring down costs so that middle class families stop moving to other states

"Obviously the solar companies and lobbyists are getting rich. Ordinary people are paying the difference, the ones who stay in California anyway. ... When the last middle class family leaves, maybe they'll start to think about why they're all gone," he said. 

Watch the monologue above. 

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