President Trump to Meet Kim Jong Un for Historic Summit on June 12

Watters: Trump Employed the 'George Costanza Method' to Rescue Hostages from North Korea

Former Bush speechwriter Marc Thiessen said New York Sen. Charles Schumer displayed "Trump derangement syndrome" when he criticized the way President Trump welcomed back three hostages formerly held by North Korea.

Schumer, the Senate minority leader, said America cannot be "fooled into giving the North Korean regime credit" for releasing hostages they never should have had to begin with.

He said Trump's reaction to the three men's return was "so troubling" when the president said they were treated "excellently" by dictator Kim Jong Un.

Trump and other officials met the men's plane as it touched down in Prince Georges County, Md. around 3 a.m. ET Thursday.

Thiessen said that Schumer showed that Democrats' "Trump Derangement Syndrome is so intense they can't say 'good job, Mr. President.'."

"You can't take something so positive and find the negative in it," he added.

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