Steyn on Media's Stormy Obsession: 'The Only Crime Here Is Blackmail'

Laura Ingraham called out the "killjoy Democrats" and the rest of President Trump's political enemies for refusing to give him credit after three American prisoners were released by North Korea

She played a montage of media pundits downplaying the significance of the prisoner release, which came ahead of the June 12 meeting between Trump and Kim Jong Un. 

"This release was obviously a conditioned precedent to any summit," she said, arguing Trump is driving the naysayers "bonkers" by continually fulfilling his "America First promises."

Ingraham mocked the mainstream media for trying to portray Trump as unstable and as a destabilizing force at home and abroad. She said Trump is getting no credit for his diplomatic skill on North Korea and for a successful state dinner with French President Emmanuel Macron. 

"The results obviously tell a different tale. The world is looking to America for leadership again," said Ingraham, adding Trump has taken "bold steps" in the Middle East as well. 

Ingraham said Republicans must "fully embrace" the Trump agenda and run on it in 2018, noting that the generic ballot polling has narrowed considerably in recent months. 

"In other words, Americans do have a firm grasp on reality, despite what the media and others are saying."

Watch the "Angle" commentary above. 

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