Sister of 9/11 Pilot Backs Trump's CIA Pick: If Obama Nominated Her, She'd Be Confirmed Easily

Sen. Tom Cotton said Wednesday that the reason Democrats are opposing the nomination of Gina Haspel as CIA director is because of their opposition to President Trump.

Cotton (R-Ark.) praised Haspel on "Fox & Friends," touting her 30-plus years spent thus far in the CIA, including substantial time working in counter-terrorism.

Some Democrats have said she should be disqualified because of her involvement in what critics consider to be the torture of two terrorism suspects at a covert detention site in Thailand.

“Ultimately what this comes down to is that the Democrats in the Senate simply cannot accept the fact that Donald Trump is the president,” Cotton said.

Haspel brushed off criticism during her Senate confirmation hearing Wednesday and vowed that under her leadership, post-9/11-era interrogation tactics would not be resumed.

Critics of Haspel have also said that the CIA hasn't declassified enough information about her career, making it unclear what kind of director she could be.

"When John Brennan and Jim Clapper ... don't just support Gina but actively and openly advocate for her, on what grounds are these Senate Democrats opposing her other than the fact that Donald Trump nominated her?" Cotton said.

Watch Sen. Cotton address Haspel during her Senate confirmation hearing below.

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