'Unbelievably Harrowing': Guilfoyle Reveals 5th Accuser of NY Dem Schneiderman

Laura Ingraham said the Eric Schneiderman scandal has revealed that many on the left are blinded by ideology.

Schneiderman stepped down as New York attorney general Monday just hours after the publication of a report by The New Yorker, detailing claims from four women that he had repeatedly hit them, threatened them and demeaned them.

Meantime, a fifth accuser has made similar allegations, Kimberly Guilfolye revealed Tuesday on Fox News.

On her program Tuesday night, Ingraham pointed out that Schneiderman tried to set himself up as a "hero" of the #MeToo movement by using his office to sue Harvey Weinstein, the disgraced Hollywood mogul accused of sexual misconduct by dozens of women.

She added that he was also a darling of the left because he challenged nearly every move President Trump made, filing more than 100 lawsuits or administrative actions against the president.

Ingraham noted that Ronan Farrow, the reporter who broke the Schneiderman story, said the victims encountered resistance about speaking out from the left, with some people telling them not to go public because Schneiderman could do "too much good for the Democratic Party."

She alleged that many Democrats were aware or should have been aware of the allegations about Schneiderman, but they kept their blinders on.

"The left -- while claiming to be the true, honest champions of women -- at many times, at many points, consider them to be disposable, especially when they become politically inconvenient," Ingraham said.

"Are any of you fed up with this rank hypocrisy? Me too."

Watch the powerful "Angle" monologue above.

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