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Greg Gutfeld reacted to a gender studies professor who filed a formal complaint against another professor for making a stale joke about elevators while in a crowded elevator with her.

Political theory Professor Richard Ned Lebow, of King's College in London, was in a packed elevator at a California conference when he was asked what floor he needed to get off on.

Lebow said he joked, "ladies' lingerie," as if he were at a department store.

Professor Simona Sharoni, a gender studies professor at Merrimack College in North Andover, Mass. heard the joke and filed a complaint with the International Studies Association, which was organizing the conference.

The association found that Lebow had indeed violated its code of conduct and that he now faces disciplinary charges.

Gutfeld called Lebow's joke "an attempt at corny Dad humor," and said that Sharoni proved she is "bitter, sad and humorless."

He remarked that gender studies, the field in which Sharoni teaches, is intended to remove any semblance of humor from the university.

"Humor is the DMZ between people who would otherwise hate each other," Gutfeld said, calling the ordeal a "horrifying and chilling example of political correctness."

Gutfeld said it was a "bad joke" that exposed a "worse reality."

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