'I Love the Way Candace Owens Thinks': Kanye Praises Black Conservative Activist

Turning Point USA Communications Director Candace Owens dismissed a New York Times opinion piece on Wednesday that blasted her meeting with rapper Kanye West.

The op-ed characterized Owens as an "alt-right darling" and a "puppet."

"Her participation was most likely arranged by alt-right operatives," the piece, written by Dream Hampton, said.

"Am I the only one that feels like this is extremely elementary?" Owens asked on "Fox & Friends."

"It's like walking down the hallways of a middle school. Pretty soon I'm going to get shoved into a locker by these leftist journalists," she said.

Owens added that stories slamming her and other conservative voices shouldn't be taken seriously, and that liberal writers need to do away with the "name-calling" strategy.

According to Spin, Owens and Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk met with West at the Southern California Institute of Architecture.

West has been lambasted recently because of his philosophical tweets and vocal admiration of President Donald Trump.

He also voiced his appreciation for the way Owens thinks on Twitter after she shut down a Black Lives Matter protest during an event at UCLA.

"I, quite frankly, found the entire thing to be hysterical," Owens said of the op-ed. "It just lets you know that they're afraid."

President Trump complimented Owens on Wednesday, saying that she is part of a growing group of smart "thinkers."

"What's so dangerous about a black woman believing that she can do it without government handouts? What's so dangerous about a black woman that's promoting independence of thought in the black community?" Owens said.

She also said that West has "a tremendous vision, one of love and unity for this country," and added that people don't understand how "thoughtful" the rapper is.

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