'Answer Yes or No': Kamala Harris Grills CIA Nominee on Whether Interrogations Were 'Immoral'

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Former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino ripped California Sen. Kamala Harris for her questioning of Gina Haspel, President Trump's pick to lead the CIA.

"I'm kind of disgusted by Kamala Harris," Bongino said of the Democrat. "The question is fair, the way she phrased it is not."

Harris asked Haspel whether she believed enhanced interrogation techniques were immoral.

Haspel was trying to expound on the question to give a nuanced answer when Harris repeatedly interrupted to ask for a "yes" or "no."

Bongino said Harris "asked [the question] like a Kindergartener: 'Is killing bad?'."

He said that intelligence work is not black and white and that Harris was only being tough on Haspel because the senator has 2020 presidential aspirations.

Laura Ingraham pointed out that Harris previously called a proposed 20-week abortion ban "immoral" but was conversely critical of waterboarding terrorists.

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