Retired Delta Force General: Trump Ditching Iran Deal a 'Sterling Example of Int'l Leadership'

'So Misguided': Obama Criticizes Trump Decision to Exit Iran Nuclear Deal

An Army veteran who was seriously wounded by a roadside bomb manufactured by Iranians saluted President Donald Trump for deciding to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal.

Retired Staff Sgt. Robert Bartlett was wounded in 2005, and said his truck commander, William Brooks, was killed in the incident.

"I was cut in half [from] temple to jaw," Bartlett said, recalling the attack on his Humvee. "Thirteen years ago last Thursday we got blown up."

Bartlett physically saluted Trump and said "thank you Mr. President, I really appreciate it."

Bartlett ripped the Obama administration for flying billions of dollars in cash to Iran.

"[Iran] began spreading more terror," Bartlett said of the aftermath of the payment and the signing of the deal.

Bartlett said he has no regard for what Obama's diplomatic intentions might be.

"Diplomats got killed under his office," he said, mentioning murdered Ambassador to Libya J. Christopher Stevens.

He called the Iranian regime "terrorists" and said that even after the Iran deal was signed, Tehran was still "spreading terrorism."

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