'It's Sick': Lahren Rips Unfair Media Coverage of Melania Trump, Sarah Sanders

Rachel Campos-Duffy blasted criticism by Democrats toward First Lady Melania Trump and her "Be Best" initiative on Tuesday.

Mrs. Trump unveiled her new platform of initiatives to help kids on Monday, saying her campaign will focus on addressing the well-being of children, social media use and opioid abuse.

Her announcement was met with backlash that said her stressing positivity online contradicted her husband's social media habits.

April Ryan, CNN's chief White House correspondent, said Monday that she wonders if "the president will change" because of the First Lady's initiative to combat cyber-bullying. 

"[Mrs. Trump] is well-aware of her husband's cyber-bullying. He's considered by some -- well, many, I would say, in different sectors -- one of the biggest bullies," Ryan said.

Ryan also said Mrs. Trump is "not culturally American" and "is learning the ways."

Campos-Duffy, the daughter of an immigrant, took personal offense to Ryan's remarks.

"That is just beyond-the-pale offensive," she said. "The left thinks that Melania, Ivanka -- any of us who are Republicans -- that we are complicit."

She added that the First Lady has been "an amazing ambassador" to the United States.

"Shame on people for not giving her credit," she added.

The White House also released a statement Tuesday regarding the criticism toward Mrs. Trump, encouraging "members of the media to attempt to Be Best in their own professions."

In a striking moment at Monday's briefing, a reporter asked White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders about a "rumor" that the first lady does not live with the president. 

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