Judge Pirro on Brutal MS-13 Murders: Obama Immigration Policies Made Threat Worse

A Washington Post report warned that the male-dominated MS-13 gang is "Americanizing" and recruiting more female members to join.

Sheriff Chuck Jenkins, who has been combating MS-13 in Frederick County, Maryland said on "Fox & Friends" Tuesday that the gang's threat is growing.

"I think we shouldn't downplay this and call it 'Americanization,'" he said. "This is a build-out of a transnational organization."

"We should take it seriously because these women can be just as vicious, if not more so, than the men," he added.

The Post reported that thousands of girls have fled from El Salvador due to the fear of gang rape, prostitution or murder. 

"Girls in the United States aren’t forced into MS-13 like they are in Central America, but they are often driven toward it by trauma, poverty or loneliness, advocates say," the report stated.

Jenkins said MS-13 members in the United States are indeed pulling girls into their criminal activities.

"What I'm afraid of is [that] we're going to take it lightly, law enforcement is not going to pursue it, there's going to be leniency because of gender," he said.

Jenkins - who was invited to a roundtable with President Trump and other sheriffs in February - added that his county works closely with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to deport criminals.

"ICE is great," he said. "The problem is Congress. The [problems] are the roadblocks to President Trump's plan."

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