'Three Women, One Double Standard': Ingraham Rips Press Coverage of Melania, Stormy and CIA Pick

Republican National Committee spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany slammed the media for its critical coverage of first lady Melania Trump.

McEnany pointed to rumors that the first lady does not live in the White House, which White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders dismissed as "tabloid gossip" when a reporter raised the topic during Monday's press briefing.

McEnany said this is yet another example of how low the media will attack anyone with the last name Trump.

"We saw it throughout the 2016 election. They were not just condescending to Melania, they weren't [just] rude, they weren't just petty, but they were outright libelous," McEnany said, pointing to "made-up stories" about her immigration status and resistance to moving to the White House.

She noted that Melania on Monday unveiled her new platform of initiatives to help kids, saying her “Be Best” campaign will focus on addressing the well-being of children, social media use and opioid abuse.

"If this were any other woman, if this were any other person with a different political affiliation, they would be celebrating her," McEnany said. "She's an immigrant, she's a strong woman, she's helping children. But instead they attack her, they tear her down, simply because she has the last name of Trump."

She noted that a recent CNN poll found that the first lady's favorability rating is up 10 points since January, while many polls have showed the mainstream media's approval rating at historically low levels.

"She's gained among Democrats by double digits, she's gained among women by double digits. People recognize success, and they're rewarding her for it," McEnany said. "She's soaring and the mainstream media's sinking."

In her Angle monologue, Laura Ingraham called out the clear double standard when it comes to media coverage of women in Trump's orbit, compared to Michelle Obama, Stormy Daniels and others on the left. 

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