Retired Delta Force General: Trump Ditching Iran Deal a 'Sterling Example of Int'l Leadership'

'So Misguided': Obama Criticizes Trump Decision to Exit Iran Nuclear Deal

Greg Gutfeld said Tuesday that President Trump's decision to pull the U.S. out of the Iran nuclear deal shows former Secretary of State John Kerry's legacy as America's top diplomat is "unraveling faster than a mummy on a merry-go-round."

Gutfeld said that the "whole point" of the Iran nuclear deal was to preserve the Obama-Kerry legacy, not international security.

He said the original agreement was a "boneheaded" one and said Kerry "threw [Iran] a lifeline" by certifying it.

Gutfeld said that Trump's foreign policy strategy appears opposite to Obama and Kerry.

"He seems willing to talk to just about anyone. The only thing he hates is [a] dumb deal," he said.

Gutfeld said that in this way, history will be "kinder" to Trump than Kerry.

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