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"The Five" panelist and former sex crimes prosecutor Kimberly Guilfoyle reacted to the scandal surrounding now-former New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.

Schneiderman, a Democrat and former state senator in Manhattan and the Bronx, was accused of seriously battering four women in a bombshell report by journalist Ronan Farrow.

Guilfoyle recalled her time as a prosecutor in California, saying sexual violence and crimes against women are "some of the most difficult cases to bring forward."

She told Martha MacCallum she is working with another alleged victim of Schneiderman who is not named in the Farrow report.

Guilfoyle said that woman told her she went through a "horrific ordeal" and is "very afraid to come forward" against the man who, prior to Monday evening, was the top law enforcement officer in the Empire State.

She called the case "unbelievably harrowing" and said the victim is a single mother attempting to go up against "someone very powerful" in Schneiderman.

Guilfoyle said the Farrow report along with the story the other alleged victim has told her is "so compelling and really gives strength to others."

MacCallum recalled that the some of the previously-reported alleged victims told of Schneiderman "hitting them so hard in the head by the eyes that they had to go to physicians."

Guilfoyle dismissed Schneiderman's statement following the report breaking, in which he said he engaged in sexual "role playing" but did not rape anyone.

"It is not role playing when you physically beat and abuse a woman," Guilfoyle said.

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