Pavlich: Stormy Daniels Was Shown 'In the Light of a Leftist' on SNL

Ric Grenell was sworn in last week as U.S. ambassador to Germany after months of opposition by Senate Democrats. 

Grenell was nominated last September and was finally approved in a 56-42 vote on April 26. Democrats had raised an issue about derogatory tweets by Grenell. 

Speaking to Brian Kilmeade on Monday, Grenell accused Senate Democrats of "undermining democracy" by holding up many of Trump's appointments. Kilmeade said there are 127 more nominees waiting for a vote. 

"We got to have a Senate that does its job, but quickly does its job. All of these individuals deserve a vote. If you don’t give someone a vote, you’re really undermining democracy. [Trump] won. You gotta get over it," he said, adding that CIA Director nominee Gina Haspel should be confirmed quickly this week. 

A security clearance defense attorney told Fox News on Friday that he believes entrenched bureaucrats are using the vetting process as a weapon to block nominees who want to implement President Trump's agenda.

Grenell was sworn in during German Chancellor Angela Merkel's visit to Washington, D.C. for talks with Trump.

"I wish every American could see the way Donald Trump negotiates. I’ve waited a long time to work for a president who is focused on the American people," he said, calling it a "great give and take" between the two leaders.

"We have some difficult issues with Germany but we’re totally on the same side. I was telling the Vice President that if you’ve ever worked at the United Nations, if you’ve ever been around a multi-lateral setting of 193 countries, you quickly realize that the United States and Germany are on the same page."

In a Fox News op-ed last week, Gregory Angelo remarked that Grenell "has now become the highest ranking openly gay official in any Republican administration in American history." 

He wrote:

Whatever on Earth could be the reason for the silence of the LGBT left on what by all accounts is a landmark moment in gay history?

The question, of course, is rhetorical. With Grenell’s confirmation, the left loses yet another arrow in their quiver to assail President Trump with their tired accusations of anti-gay animus.

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