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The brother of a teenager who was murdered in Greenwich, Conn. in 1975 reacted to the advent of a new trial for the suspect, a cousin of the Kennedys, who spent ten years in prison on a murder charge.

In 1975, Martha Moxley attended a party with the Skakel family. The mother, Anne Skakel, is the sister of Ethel Skakel, the wife of the late Attorney General Bobby Kennedy.

Moxley was later found dead after being hit so hard with a golf club that it broke in half -- the coarse end then being used to stab her, Martha MacCallum reported.

Brothers Michael and Tommy Skakel and their tutor, Kenneth Littleton, all initially were suspects in the case. Michael ultimately was convicted and served a decade for the crime.

However, Skakel's sentence was later overturned, then reinstated, then overturned, MacCallum reported.

On Monday, Moxley's brother John reacted to the Connecticut Supreme Court's decision to re-hear the case against Skakel.

"We've sat through -- I can't tell you how many trials," Moxley said. "This is the weakest argument [yet]."

Moxley said the shuffling of the court bench may have been a factor in the judiciary's decision.

MacCallum asked Moxley who he believes murdered his sister.

"Michael," Moxley responded almost immediately. "I'm absolutely convinced of it."

"It'll never be to rest," he said of the case. "There's no hate in our hearts [though]. That's too heavy of a burden to bear."

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