'It's Sick': Lahren Rips Unfair Media Coverage of Melania Trump, Sarah Sanders

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders dismissed Monday an "outrageous and ridiculous" rumor that first lady Melania Trump does not live in the White House with the president.

Sanders was asked about it by CBS Radio's Steven Portnoy, who pinned the rumor on a Sunday Washington Post story about the first couple's "separate schedule [and] different priorities."

"The Washington Post, among many things, reported that there are 'persistent rumors' that Mrs. Trump does not live in this White House and that she lives with her parents somewhere in the suburbs. What do you make of those rumors?" Portnoy asked.

"Just when you think the Washington Post can't get things any more wrong, they do. ... The First Lady lives here in the White House," Sanders said in response, slamming it as "tabloid gossip."

The Post's story referenced the "persistent rumor" going around Washington, D.C., though it was laughed off by Mrs. Trump's spokeswoman. 

For months, a persistent rumor has floated around Washington that Melania doesn’t really live in the White House and stays in a house with her parents and Barron near his suburban Washington school.

“It’s 1,000 percent false. We laugh at it all the time,” Grisham said.

“It’s an urban legend,” said Rickie Niceta Lloyd, the White House social secretary.

The report stated that the couple are "often apart even during their free time," with one friend of President Trump saying "they spend very little to no time together."

Mrs. Trump on Monday unveiled her "Be Best" initiative to help children "cultivate their social and emotional health."

"Let us teach our children the difference between right and wrong, and encourage them to be best in their individual paths in life," she said.

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