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Laura Ingraham said there is a sizable double standard in press coverage between women who are conservative or close to the Trump orbit and those who are darlings of the left.

Ingraham pointed out what she called a case of "three women and one double standard."

First Lady Melania Trump launched her "Be Best" initiative to support the well-being of children and to tamp down on bullying.

Ingraham pointed out how CNN reporter Kate Bennett appeared quick to point out how President Donald Trump is a "name caller on Twitter" while his wife says she wants to fight bullies.

Ingraham called that remark and a report that the Trumps sleep separately "obscene rumor-mongering."

Earlier Monday, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders ripped a CBS News Radio reporter for mentioning rumors that Melania lives in the suburbs with her parents.

At the same time, Ingraham said, former First Lady Michelle Obama was lauded by the press and there was little "granular" coverage of the Clintons' relationship -- prior to the Lewinsky scandal.

Meanwhile, the press has been heavily critical of Gina Haspel, Trump's pick to lead the CIA, over her ties to the controversial post-9/11 "enhanced interrogation" program.

"Haspel is a patriot," Ingraham said. "The left won't cheer her... Killing her nomination would hurt Trump."

But, Ingraham said there is an overarching double standard between the treatment of Melania and Haspel and that of porn star Stormy Daniels.

Ingraham said the Democrats have turned to making an icon out of someone who spends "most of her time hanging off a pole."

She said Daniels is "stripping the Mueller investigation of all credibility" and is being "a good representative of what [the left] has become."

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